For your listening pleasure, help yourself to some downloads:

Ilan Shahin - Away from the Fire (2010)

All songs written by Ilan Shahin.
Recorded and mixed by Gilles Castilloux at the Treatment Room Recording Studio in Montreal, QC.
Mastering by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering.
Artwork, CD design and photography by Antonina Cagara.

100 Year Dream
Lost Lake
Not Enough
The Truthful Three
Your Lit Window
Don't Speak Too Soon
Song of the Lonely
It is Humid and I Miss You
The Visitor

Ilan Shahin - Untitled (2007)
Song of Innocence
King of this Town
Getaway Song
Silence Song
Desert Sun
Midnight Crisis
The Life We Know
Doubt is a Thief
Morning Warning
Waiting for the Tide

Sire - Calling for Echoes (2006)
Say Something
Lover Truth
My Town
Dot on the Highway